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Five Key Qualities for an OEM Supplier-Find a Reliable Aerosol Can Factory 2022 - 08 - 19

Choosing an original equipment manufacturing (OEM) supplier is a challenge thing if have no any idea to start it. However, one thing is for certain: You require high-quality products. Regardless of price, if the component you hire an OEM supplier to manufacture is faulty, your business will not only suffer in revenue, but also in reputation. 

Ultimatly, how to find a reliable OEM supplier to help you manufacture quality parts for your project as quickly and efficiently as possible. To make the decision easier, we have summarised and outlined five key qualities of an OEM supplier. 

Production Capabilities

Your search comes down to whether or not your OEM supplier provides a high-quality component, so understanding their production capabilities should be at the top of your qualifications. Note the following key signals of a high-functioning manufacturer as you considering.

Customized products accepted

The ability to provide one-to-one customised products is a key factor in proving their production capacity. Not only does this show the factory's capacity, but it also tests whether the team's technology and skill set can take on challenging production projects.

  • Annual product sales

This information shows the production capacity of the supplier and demonstrates the organization of its workflow. 

  • Production capacity 

Find out the status of the manufacturer's equipment and ask about the status of their production line.

  • Manufacturing Capability

Ask OEM suppliers about their manufacturing capabilities. Take aerosol can manufacturing as an example.

    1. Raw material supply (tinplate or aluminum)
    2. Pressing of components (aerosol can top and bottom)
    3. Logo printing (color, effect, craft etc.)
    4. Can manufacturing: welding seams, top and bottom cover assembly, leak detection equipment, finished cans, quality inspection
    5. Packing and logistics

An experienced team

Although manufacturing is becoming increasingly automated, highly skilled and intelligent professionals are still at the heart of planning and executing every project. An experienced team of managers and workers can make projects run smoothly and efficiently. They can also minimize barriers to new product development by solving potential problems and mitigating risks, thereby maximizing profits. 

Quality Management System

Having a relatively well-established QMS helps us to understand the policies, processes and procedures of the manufacturer's plans and production.

Ease of Communication

The importance of effective communication cannot be emphasized enough, yet ease of communication with a supplier requires planning and development, much like the formation of a project plan.

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