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Global Aerosol Market Analysis Report 2023 2023 - 10 - 16

HJResearch will provide an in-depth analysis of the global aerosol market in its upcoming report, Global Aerosol Market Report 2018-2029. This report on aerosol market provides qualitative and quantitative analysis on market dynamics, competitive landscape, market opportunities, growth factors, industrial chain, etc. The report studies the current situation and prospects of the global and major regional aerosol market, analyzed from the perspective of major manufacturers, different countries, product types and downstream industries, and segmented by product type and downstream application industries respectively. In addition, the report also covers the impact of COVID-19 on the aerosol industry.

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Aerosol is a device that uses a liquid gas or solvent as a propelling agent to convert a drug, cosmetic or other useful substance in a liquid state into fine particles suspended in the air. These particles can be evenly sprayed or sprayed, and quickly evaporated, thus playing the purpose of spraying material.


Aerosols are widely used in personal care, household goods, automotive and industrial, food, paint, medical and other fields. In personal care, aerosols are commonly used in spray-on products such as perfumes, hair gels, hair care products, antiperspirants, etc. In household products, aerosols are used in air fresheners, pesticides, detergents and other products. In the automotive and industrial sectors, aerosols are commonly used in cleaning and lubricants. In the field of food, aerosols are often used in the production of foam desserts, creams, etc. In addition, aerosols are widely used in paints, medical fields and some other fields.

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According to the HJResearch report, according to the global aerosol market size forecast from 2017 to 2022, the market size will grow from 386.381 billion yuan in 2017 to 519.23 billion yuan in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.8%. The aerosol industry shows good development prospects in the fields of personal care, household cleaning products, automotive and industrial cleaning products. As people pay more attention to personal care and home cleaning, the demand for aerosol products is also increasing. Demand for cleaners and lubricants is also growing in the automotive and industrial sectors. In addition, aerosol also has the characteristics of easy to carry and use, so the demand in tourism and outdoor activities is also increasing.


In the global aerosol industry, Unilever, S.C. Johnson, Proctor and Gamble Co., Thymes LLC, Reckitt Benckiser (RB), Henkel AG & Co., Crabtree & Co Companies such as Evelyn are the main manufacturers. These companies continue to develop innovative aerosol products to meet the increasingly diverse needs of consumers. With the advancement of technology and the intensification of market competition, the aerosol industry will continue to grow and continue to introduce more efficient, environmentally friendly and multi-functional products.


However, the aerosol industry also faces some challenges. First of all, the propellant in some aerosol products may cause environmental pollution. Therefore, manufacturers need to look for more environmentally friendly propellants to reduce the impact on the environment. In addition, changing regulations and standards also pose certain challenges to the aerosol industry. Manufacturers need to constantly pay attention to and comply with relevant regulations and standards to ensure product compliance.

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In summary, the aerosol market is showing a good development trend on a global scale. The increasing demand in areas such as personal care, household goods, automotive and industrial provides good development opportunities for the aerosol industry. At the same time, manufacturers need to pay attention to the requirements of environmental protection and regulatory standards, and constantly improve the quality and innovation of products to maintain a competitive advantage. We can expect that the aerosol industry will continue to maintain steady growth and meet consumer needs with more efficient, environmentally friendly and versatile products.

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