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Everything you need to know about insecticide spray can? Nov 14, 2022

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What is an Insecticide Spray Can

Insecticide spray can, as a chemical insect killer, comes in an aerosol can that is sprayed into the air to kill flies. Iinsecticide sprays will kill various insects such as house flies and wasps.

Insecticide spray is dangerous to pets as well as fish and should be used with caution. Like many insecticides, fly spray can be toxic to a host of other organisms including birds, fish, beneficial insects, and non-target plants.

Ingredients for Pesticides

Insecticide spray contains chemicals (including many organophosphate compounds) that bind to and permanently block the action of an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase. Acetyl choline (ACh) is the nerve transmitter substance released by motor neurones (at a site called the neuromuscular junction) to stimulate muscle contraction. The muscles relax (stop contracting) when the ACh is removed from the neuromuscular junction (NMJ) by the action of acetylcholinesterase. By inhibiting the cholinesterase the insect can no longer break down ACh in the NMJ and so its muscles lock up in a state of tetany (continuous contraction) making flying and respiration impossible, and the insect then dies of asphyxiation.

Aerosol insecticide brand recommended

  • Pyramid insecticide aerosol
  • Phantom aerosol insecticide II
  • Bedlam plus insecticide aerosol
  • Cb 80 insecticide aerosol
  • Pyranha aerosol insecticide
  • Alpine pt insecticide aerosol

Most of insecticide sprays have a pungent smell, the formula is also somewhat toxic because it is used to kill some flies. When we choose the packing material, we have to consider the materials leak-proofness and corrosion resistance. That's the safety afectors we have to ensure.

Tinplate as a widely used aerosol packaging material in the market, especially for three pieces aerosol cans. It not only meets the cost of insecticide spray, but also has better sealing and corrosion resistance.

Aerosol Insecticide Can Manufacturer

There are many renowned aerosol insecticides, but when it comes to Aerosol insecticide manufacturers, GUANGZHOU MEGA Aerosol Tin Can Packaging is your best choice aerosol can manufacturer in the field.

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