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Choosing the right metal packaging for your products involves considering several factors. Here are some key considerations to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Material: Different metals offer varying properties and advantages. Common choices for metal packaging include aluminum, tin, and steel. Aluminum is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and easily recyclable. Tin is known for its durability and barrier properties, while steel provides strength and can withstand rough handling.

  2. Product Compatibility: Consider the compatibility of your product with the metal packaging material. Some products may react with certain metals, leading to spoilage or contamination. Ensure that the metal you choose is suitable for the specific requirements of your product.

  3. Packaging Functionality: Evaluate the functionality requirements of your packaging. Will it need to have airtight seals or be resealable? Does it require special features like easy-open lids or child-resistant closures? Consider how the metal packaging can meet these functional needs.

  4. Packaging Size and Shape: Determine the appropriate size and shape of the metal packaging for your product. Consider the volume of product to be packaged, ease of handling, and shelf space utilization. Metal packaging can be customized to various sizes and shapes to accommodate different products.

  5. Branding and Design: Metal packaging offers ample opportunities for branding and design. Consider how the packaging can enhance the visual appeal of your product and effectively communicate your brand identity. Look for options that allow for high-quality printing or labeling.

  6. Environmental Impact: Consider the sustainability aspect of the metal packaging. Look for materials that are recyclable and have a lower environmental impact. Aluminum, for example, is highly recyclable, while tin and steel can also be recycled.

  7. Cost: Evaluate the cost implications of different metal packaging options. The price may vary depending on factors such as material, size, and design complexity. Consider your budget and assess the overall value the packaging will provide for your product.

  8. Regulatory Compliance: Ensure that the chosen metal packaging complies with relevant regulatory requirements and industry standards for your specific product.

It's advisable to work closely with packaging suppliers or manufacturers who specialize in metal packaging. They can provide valuable guidance and assist you in selecting the most suitable packaging solution for your product.

Remember to consider the unique needs and characteristics of your product when making the final decision. 

Here are some of my personal suggestions

Aluminum can is preferable to package personal care products.Like facial cleanser,body lotion,cream and other cosmetics.

Aluminum aerosol can

Tinplate can is preferable to package chemical products.Like engine oil and machine oil.


Personal care spray like: Deodorant spray, Hair spray,Shaving foam.

Celebrating spray like: Snow spray,Color strip.

Car care spray like: Spray paint,Anti-rust,Mould release

Household spray like: waterproof ,Leather protect

Others like: Insecticide spray Air freshener spray ,Butane gas ,camping gas

Above products should choose pressurized tinplate Aerosol can.

Aerosol tin can using


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