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How to customized butane gas can Sep 23, 2023

Butane gas is lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and store.It is perfect for outdoor camping, picnics, and other outdoor activities.  Whether you need to cook a quick meal or boil water for tea, the Cartridge Gas Valve for Portable Gas Stove Burner is the perfect tool for your outdoor adventures.

Butane gas is widely used in our life, and it is also loved by everyone. So many businesses take for the opportunity,want to customize their own brand of butane gas. So how to customize your own brand of butane gas?

Aerosol tin can diameter 65mm height 158mm is the standard size for butane gas, and most of customer would like to chose straight-wall type and height top.Look at the below picture:Straight-wall aerosol tin can

Some countries such as the Philippines, would like to choose aluminum aerosol can for butane gas.  Because the high pressure and recyclable featurebut the price is higher than aerosol tin can.

For aluminum butane gas can, the standard size is diameter 66mm ,height is 180mm.  Same total height as the tin butane gas can, to meet the stove size require.

Item Name  Tin butane gas can Aluminum butane gas can
Size Diameter 65mm ,shoulder height 158mm ,total height 180mm  Diameter 66mm ,height 180mm
Material A grade tinplate 99.7% aluminum 
Printing CMPY printing   6 color offset printing
Burst pressure 1.5 MPa 2.1MPa
Deformation pressure 1.3 MPa 1.8MPa
Valve   Standard one inch butane gas valve  Standard one inch butane gas valve 
MOQ 37500 PCS 20000PCS
Aerosol tin butane gas can                   Aluminum butane gas cann

But both of aluminum butane gas can and tin butane gas can are use same same butane gas valve,it is the standard valve,one inch and with red cap.

 Butane gas valve Butane gas valve wholesale

Now ,do you know how to choose the material and size for butane gas ? Next , what should you do ?

Next , you should ask designer to make design if you dont have ready design document .

Finally ,you should search a aerosol can manufacturer to customized your own brand butane gas can.

Customized aerosol tin can

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