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Revolutionizing Convenience: The Two-Component Aerosol Spray Can Nov 10, 2023

In recent years, advancements in aerosol technology have given rise to innovative products that enhance efficiency and simplify various tasks. Among these breakthroughs, the two-component aerosol spray can stands out as a game changer. With its unique design and capabilities, this cutting-edge invention is poised to transform the way we approach various applications. In this article, we will delve into the world of two-component aerosol spray cans, exploring their distinctive features, specifications, and the myriad advantages they offer.

two-component aerosol spray cans


Key Figures:

When it comes to two-component aerosol spray cans, precision engineering and attention to detail are paramount. Let's delve into some of the key figures that highlight their exceptional design:

two-component aerosol spray cans

1.Diameter: The can boasts a compact yet highly functional design with a diameter of 65mm or 52mm. This ensures a comfortable grip, allowing for precise and controlled application.

2.Body Height: The can's body measures 158mm or 130mm in height, offering a sleek and ergonomic form that is easy to handle during use.

3.Total Height: With a total height of 198mm or 151.5mm, the two-component aerosol spray can is designed to provide optimal usability without compromising on storage convenience.

4.Total Volume: Offering an ample capacity, the two-component aerosol spray can provides a total volume of 570ml or 284ml. This enables users to complete extensive projects without the need for frequent refilling.

5.Large Cavity Volume: The primary cavity of the can features a generous volume of 480ml or 236ml, making it ideal for accommodating larger quantities of the primary product or component.

6.Small Cavity Volume: Complementing the large cavity, the two-component aerosol spray can also includes a smaller cavity with a volume of 90ml or 48ml. This smaller compartment is designed to house the secondary product or component, ensuring the precise mixing of the two components at the point of use.


 aerosol spray can  

d3: φ25.4mm

d4: φ18.5mm

A:   480ml or 236ml

B:   90ml or 48ml

h4: 158mm or 130mm

h5: 198mm or 151.5mm

buckling pressure: ≥1.20MPA

burst pressure: ≥1.40MPA



The introduction of the two-component aerosol spray can brings forth a myriad of advantages that revolutionize both personal and professional applications. Here are some key benefits to consider:

1.Convenience and Portability: The compact size of the aerosol can, coupled with its ergonomic design, allows for effortless handling and easy transport. Its lightweight nature ensures users can carry it anywhere, facilitating on-the-go applications.

2.Mixing Efficiency: The separate cavities within the two-component aerosol spray can enable the precise and controlled mixing of the primary and secondary components at the time of use. This feature ensures optimal reactivity, maximizing the performance and quality of the final mixture.

3.Versatile Applications: The two-component aerosol spray can caters to a wide array of industries, including automotive, construction, household maintenance, and more. Its versatility lends itself to applications requiring adhesives, coatings, sealants, or other multi-component materials.

4.Extended Shelf Life: The sealed compartments of the two-component aerosol spray can effectively separate the components until they are combined during application. This preserves the components' integrity, allowing for a longer shelf life and ensuring product longevity.

5.Reduced Waste: This innovative design reduces waste by offering precise measurements and controlled dispensing. The two-component aerosol spray canisters prevent the excess mixing of components, minimizing wastage and optimizing resource utilization.


The advent of the two-component aerosol spray can signifies a remarkable breakthrough in aerosol technology. Its compact design, precise mixing capabilities, and versatile applications make it a valuable tool across various industries. With the ability to streamline tasks, enhance efficiency, and minimize waste, this revolutionary invention proves to be a game changer for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Looking ahead, the two-component aerosol spray can is poised to shape the future of aerosol-based applications, providing a convenient and efficient solution for countless projects.

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