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Something you have to know about Portable Butane Gas Can and Valve Jan 03, 2023

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What the portable Gas Canister composed of?

The main component of portabe gas cannister is butane. It is widely used for indoor and outdoor food cooking, heating and barbecue because it is not limited by power supply, high caloric value when burning and no radiation. It is popular in hot pot restaurants, and ordinary families. Now, cassette gas is used in more fields, such as heaters, refrigerators, generators, industrial cutting and so on.

LPG is the most common camping fuel due to its portability, cost-effectiveness, safety and also burns cleanly. The smaller, more portable disposable butane gas canisters are perfect for hikers, or those who like to travel light. 

However, gas canisters require safe usage and handling.

Tips when you using portable butane gas!

1-No open flames;

2-The bnutane gas should be placed vertically with the air nozzle facing upward. Don't lay it sideways or upside down.

3-When the fire is lit, to open the valve to a minimum. If you hear any gas coming out. Don't open the valve too wide.

4-No open flames, all operations are done away from open flames.

Information of Regular EMPTY AEROSOL CAN for BUTANE GAS USE

Type & Size: straight-wall diameter 65*158mm

Pressure: burst 1.50 Mpa, buckling 1.25 Mpa (we, Mgaerosolcan, can supply the custom pressure for your needful.)

Weight: 86g-100g (accept custom weitght)

Tin Thickness: standard body 0.19mm, top and bottom 0.35mm (if you have any other special needs, please contact us to communicate.)

Printing: offset matt printing

Color: plain, white coated, CMYK 4 color, Pantone color

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