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Why are aerosol cans almost all made of tinplate? Sep 27, 2022

Tinplate is a metal material, its outer layer is plated with a layer of tin, also known as tinplate, because its outer layer is plated with a layer of tin, so it is also called tin-plated iron.

The liquid in the aerosol can is formed by applying pressure to a certain gas with a gas compressor. The pressure inside the aerosol can is much higher than the outside air, so the sprayer sprays a white aerosol, all nanoscale.

If you want to withstand high pressure items, the hardness of the tank must be very high, otherwise it is easy to deform or even explode. Therefore, when choosing packaging, metal materials are the most suitable, such as stainless steel or tinplate.

Stainless steel aerosol cans compared to tinplate cans and see why tinplate cans are almost used. I believe everyone is very familiar with stainless steel, it is strong and will not rust! It has a particularly long lifespan on the packaging, which is a good choice, but it also has its drawbacks, which is that it is too expensive! What about tin cans? The same is true of iron cans, which are not only hard, but also do not rust. It has strong scalability and can be used to make various shapes of aerosol cans, such as round cans, squares, balls, cans, etc., which are readily available and can meet your various needs. In addition, in the metal packaging industry, the price of tinplate cans is also the cheapest. The price of the iron teapot itself is also cheaper than that of aluminum aerosol can and stainless steel. You can compare the prices of aluminum teapots, stainless steel teapots, and tinplate teapots.

tinplate aerosol can and valve

In general, tinplate aerosol can have the advantages of strong rigidity, opaqueness, good sealing performance, no rust, green environmental protection, and recyclability.

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