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How to Choose the Right Aerosol Valve for Your Aerosol Products? Mar 08, 2023

Aerosol valves are regarded as the heart of aerosols and have an extremely important impact on the quality and performance of aerosol can products. As an important part of aerosol product, the valve directly affects the ejection effect of our entire product and the user experience effect. Then we are coming to the problem of "how to chosee the right and quality aerosol valve and actuator for the aerosol products?".

Before discussing this point, we have to talk about the type of aerosol valve first.

What are aerosol valves?

The objective of the aerosol valve is to regulate the entrance/exit of a fluid or vapor to or from some source (can, tank, container, etc.).  A specific sub-goal of the aerosol valve is to atomize the contents of the source so that it exits as a fine spray.

Because of its characteristic, aerosol valve is widely used in paint, grease, lacquer and other aerosol products. The valve can help it evenly sprayed on the product. In today's world, aerosol valves are a compact, portable, reliable and convenient addition that atomizes liquids into the hands of consumers at a very low cost.

Aerosol Valve Type on the Market

Female valve

Male valve

One-inch valve (25.4mm)

Butane gas valve

Metering Valve

aerosol valve series

Quality Aerosol Valve should be Meet 4 Factors at Least as Following.

1-Aerosol valve should be reliably and effectively spray out the aerosol content, but also has good sealing performance in the closed state, so that the aerosol content does not leak out.

2-Aerosol valve has to withstand the erosion of various formulations and adapt to the high speed and high pressure filling performance of the production line.

3-Aerosol valve should have a certain degree of firmness and strength to withstand the high pressure in the can.

4-The quality of the components of the aerosol valve and the control of the fit between the components is crucial.

Currently, the material of valve on the market have polyethylene (PE), paraformaldehyde (POM) and nylon (PA). Selecting what kind of material aerosol vavle for your prodcuts, it is crucial for us to consider that the suitability of the material used to produce the valve body to the product formulation.

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